CardioLab - In Vivo Cardiovascular Pharmacology Simulator (v3.0)

Producer: Biosoft

This is a Windows program simulating chart recorder outputs of in vivo cardiovascular pharmacology experiments on anaesthetised (normal or reserpinised) and pithed animals. The simulated heart rate and blood pressure traces appear on screen and can be printed out. CardioLab allows ‘administration’ of the following drugs: 10 agonists - norepinephrine (noradrenaline), angiotensin, vasopressin, DMPP, epinephrine (adrenaline), tyramine, phenylephrine, B-HT 920, isoproterenol (isoprenaline), acetylcholine; 12 antagonists - hexamethonium, propranolol, prazosin, atropine, mepyramine, ranitidine, yohimbine, atenolol, nifedipine, phenoxybenzamine, cocaine, neostigmine. CardioLab can also mimic stimulation of vagal and sympathetic cardiac nerves. Effects of blockers ‘wear off’ at a rate corresponding to their t1/2. Tachyphylaxis is seen with relevant agonists. ‘Overdoses’ with agonists or blockers will 'kill' the preparation. Responses are subject to ‘biological variation’ and are influenced by cardiac compensatory reflexes if appropriate. The program even simulates the slow deterioration of a preparation which may ‘die’ unexpectedly after 6 hours of ‘preparation time’ (responses appear instantaneously but each represents about
3 mins. of ‘preparation time’). CardioLab can provide ‘unknown’ drugs for characterisation by students.


Year of production: 1999
Medium: 3.5" disk; CD-ROM
System requirements: Windows (all versions)
Price: US$199.00 / £99.00 / €199.00; free demo downloadable fromwebsite