Producer: Science Works, Inc.


This highly interactive program was designed for the advanced life science student who needs detailed experience in mammal dissection. It offers an opportunity to perform exciting, highly accurate, electronic dissections of the common house cat. Through the use of special cursors and buttons, the user is able to ‘dissect’ nearly all areas of the cat’s anatomy. Digitised images and real-life schematics, as well as QuickTime movies showing selected portions of actual dissections along with voice descriptions of the procedures being performed, present the user with a wide range of information that is keyed to a glossary with pronunciations, on-line quizzes, lab practicals and in-depth histology sections.


Medium: CD-ROM System requirements: Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP, Macintosh PPC; 32 MB RAM Price: US$79.95 (individual copies); US$159.95 (5 user licence); US$559.95 (10 user licence)