Critical Care 'Jerry' Dog Mannekin

Producer: Rescue Critters, LLC

A full size K-9 mannekin approximating a 60-70 lbs dog is designed as a complete veterinary emergency room training mannikin "Critical Care Jerry" also has the ability to simulate trauma as well as jugular vascular access. It features a realistic airway, representations of trachea, esophagus, and epiglottis, working lungs, artificial pulse and is designed to perform endotracheal placement, compressions, mouth-to-snout resuscitation, splinting and bandaging. It also has disposable and cleanable parts and realistic features. Accessories included: carrying case with kneeling pad, endotracheal tube, syringe, brush and 5 disposable lungs.


Medium: Mannekin Price: US$2,782.00 (Item #110) Note: 1. Additional disposable lungs are available at US$128.00 (packs of 24 - Item #102) or at US$384.00 (packs of 72 - Item #103) 2. Additional disposable beginner training jugular & cephalic veins (good for 75-100 sticks) are available at US$10.00 each (Item #408) 3. Additional removable right femoral leg bone, allowing the student to learn how to set and repair this common K9 fracture are also available at US$259.00 (Item #111)

Critical Care Jerry - in Peru RC Jerry Dog Mannekin Jerry in seminar in Kharkov, Ukraine, 2005  Moscow, InterNICHE presentation, 2005, vet. departmnet, Friendship university InterNICHE presentation in Rostov  (Russia), 2006 Jerry and Fluffy at press-conference in St.Petersburgh, 2005 Students of St.Petersburgh Vet. academy learn Jerry during InterNICHE seminar,  October 2005 Jerry in Belarus, InterNICHE seminar, Novemeber 2006 Jerry at Red Square - Moscow Jerry and Fluffy at Alternatives exhibition in Oslo, 2d InterNICHE conference in Oslo, 2005