ECS (Emergency Care Simulator)

Producer: METI (Medical Education Technologies, Inc.)

Emergency medicine involves quick and confident thinking - decisive action can be the difference between life and death. METI created the Emergency Care Simulator (ECS) especially to support emergency care scenarios; the ECS has a broad range of capabilities that empower EMT’s, paramedics, and ER clinicians. One key feature the ECS offers is portability, meaning this simulator can open up the classroom to real-life situations. Emergency scenarios don’t usually happen in ‘ideal’ places. Training first responders to cope under any circumstance, in any environment fine-tunes their skills and ultimately saves more lives. The ECS offers much of the same technology as the HPS (Human Patient Simulator - see its description for more details), but optimises emergency scenarios to expose students to the most complicated and high-risk situations. The technology allows instructors to reinforce life-saving skills with a whole new level of realism, creating a more confident, sharp-minded first responder. The ECS provides an anatomically correct, feature-rich mannequin, which allows for the physical demonstration of various clinical signs including bleeding, breathing, blinking eyes and convulsions. The human physiology models at the core of the ECS provide appropriate responses to treatment interventions, including airway and oxygenation management, fluid administration, defibrillation and the administration of drugs. Together, these systems deliver a realistic and objective training ground for learners to practice and perfect patient care without risk to real patients.


Medium: Simulator
Price: On request (see website for regional distributors)