The Fetal Pig

Producer: Ventura Educational Systems

This program provides a comprehensive investigation of anatomical structures and biological functions common to mammals, making an excellent alternative to dissection. Textual information is dynamically linked to detailed, colourful graphics and digitally photographed images. Activities include an identification game, an anatomical probe and multiple choice quiz. Topics covered: superficial, skeletal and deep views, heart and arteries, venous, respiratory, digestive, nervous, and urogenital (male and female) systems. A Teacher's Guide provides additional activities.



Medium: CD-ROM
System requirements: Windows, Macintosh
Price: US$59.95 (single user); US$129.95 (lab pack of 5); US$279.95 (lab pack of 15); US$429.95 (lab pack of 25); US$595.95 (building licence)