Filtration in Bivalve Molluscs

Producer: SFRS (Service du Film de Recherche Scientifique)

Few films have been made on the biology of bivalve molluscs. This one shows a collection of several Mediterranean species and their behaviour in an aquarium where the conditions are close to those of the natural environment. One sees the molluscs bury themselves and use siphons to breathe and to eat particles in suspension. The film captures for the first time, in several species, the formation of a mucous film moving along the branchiae and serving as a filter. This mucous film is evidenced in many electron scanning microscope photographs, which show significant structural differences between the mucous filters of the 6 species studied.


Language: French
Year of production: 1999
Format: DVD-Video
Running time: 16 mins.
Price: Individual use: €20.00 (Europe), €20.00 (rest of the world); Institutional use: €35.00 (Europe), €35.00 (rest of the world)
Note: The original title of this program is La Filtration chez les mollusques bivalves