Inside the Living Cell

Producer: eBioMEDIA

This series include 5 videos. Each video program is a series of short, narrated, full-motion modules that help students to understand cells, the fundamental units of life. All programs are closed-captioned. Teaching guides and samples can be downloaded from the website.

The series can also be used as an introduction to our in-depth cell biology program, Visualizing Cell Processes.

• The Cell – Unit of Life. Modules: The Discovery of Cells, Cell Structures , Organelle Function, Cell Varieties, The Chemistry of Life


• The Outer Envelope. Modules: Membrane Structure, Osmosis, Transport Proteins, Active Transport, Cell Eating, Cell Drinking, Receptor Proteins


• How Cells Obtain Energy. Modules: ATP and Chemical Energy, Mitochondria, Aerobic Respiration, Chloroplasts, The Reactions of Photosynthesis


• How Cells are Controlled. Modules: The Protein Nature of Life, Enzymatic Reactions, Amino Acids and DNA, How Proteins are Built Turning on Genes


• How Cells Reproduce. Modules: DNA Structure, Replicating DNA Mutations Change the Genetic Code Proofreading and Repair, The Stages of Mitosis



Year of production: 2006 Format: DVD Running time: 50 mins, 15 mins (each program on VHS and DVD) Price: US$45.00 (each title, available on VHS and DVD); US$225.00 (whole series on DVD). Plus applicable taxes and postage

Inside the Living Cell