Learning About Insects

Producer: Queue, Inc.

This comprehensive interactive multimedia presentation discusses in detail insect body structure and function, life cycle, and defences against enemies. The program features outstanding and intricate live action cinematography, including a slow motion sequence of a grasshopper jumping. It explains the three body sections found on all adult insects, as well as the insect’s common compound eye and the different kinds of mouths found in the insect world, while looking at several different kinds of wing and leg designs and how each affects the movement of insects. The program also shows and explains the three stages of the insect life cycle, offering time-lapse cinematography of a larva building its cocoon, rare footage of an insect laying eggs, and several insects in the act of defending themselves. Finally, it reviews many defense mechanisms and demonstrates three defence techniques in which insects change their appearances.


Medium: CD-ROM
System requirements: Windows, Macintosh
Price: US$145.00, US$435.00 (lab pack of 5), US$725.00 (network)