Life/form IV Demonstration Arm

Producer: Nasco, Inc.

An economical IV demonstration arm constructed of soft material with life-like veins in the skin surface that are visible and palpable. No internal tubing exists, but the skin can be punctured repeatedly. No blood to set up, no mess to clean up, and no leaking. However, no fluids should be injected into this arm. May be used in venipuncture practice when fluid return is not essential, and is suitable for allied IV demonstrations and practice (flexion, cleaning, and taping). Intramuscular injections can be practised in the deltoid region. The skin and underlying foam may be cut for suturing practice. Comes in 2 versions, with either white or black skin.


Medium: Simulator Price: US$110.00

Nasco Suture Arm Nasco Suture Arm after practise