Producer: Phywe Systeme GmbH

The Neurosimulator system has been designed to realistically simulate the functions and electrical characteristics of neuronal synapses. It comprises up to 4 neuron units (NU), one operating unit (OU) and one signal lead and several connecting cords. The OU comprises the power supply for up to 4 NU, 3 touch simulators with a variable simulating intensity and an optic sensor. The NU simulates a general nerve cell with an apical dendrite and its synaptic contacts, a cell body (soma) and a nerve fibre (axon) with myelin sheaths and a Ranvier’s node. The dendrite comprises exciting, inhibiting, presynaptic and Hebb’s synapses, marked by colour-coded sockets. Here the axons end in presynaptic buttons, represented together with a part of the (afferent) fibre providing the signal. The connection between the (efferent) axon of a NU which leads away or the stimulus output socket of the OU and a synapse is established by means of a white cable inserted into the desired synapse socket. The height of the intracellular potential is shown by the luminous intensity of the diode at the electrode point, whilst the action (axon) potential can be made audible with the aid of an integrated acoustic monitor. This allows - similar to what is happening in a neurophysiological laboratory - a direct evaluation of the cell activity. The neuron units can be combined to form a network so that the characteristics of nerve cells are being represented and studied as a group, and the performances of natural neuronal networks are being demonstrated in a very comprehensive way.


Medium: Simulator
Price: €551.00 (NU); €493.00 (OU); €19.60 (signal lead); €2,519.00 (equipment set 4NU + 1OU)