Surgical Training System (Aboud’s Model)

Producer: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Designed by Dr. Emad Aboud from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in the USA, this new surgical system allows the simulation of live surgery, including bleeding, pulsation, softness of tissue, and the vascular tree. A specially prepared human cadaver (or part thereof) is connected to the device, which comprises a pump to provide pulsating pressure in the arteries and static pressure in the veins, artificial blood reservoirs, and tubing to connect the pump and the reservoirs to the specimen. The simulator can be used to learn and practice established procedures in general surgery and in vascular, endoscopic and micro-neurosurgery; to test or demonstrate new medical devices; to study the blood supply of various anatomical regions; and to practice venicannulation, venipuncture and the drawing of blood. The device is suitable for surgeons, residents, students and nurses, and is an innovative alternative to surgery training involving live animals. For more information contact Dr. Emad Aboud (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Slot 507, Little Rock, AR 72205, USA, e-mail:


Medium: Simulator Price: On request Note: At present the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences is seeking partners to produce this device

Aboud's Model