The InterNICHE Studies Database, a free-access information resource providing references and abstracts for academic papers on humane education and training, including alternatives to animal experiments, now offers selected full papers for public download.

Available here, studies published in the journals ATLA, ALTEX and AATEX, and those from the proceedings of the World Congresses on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences, can now be accessed as downloadable pdf files.

The Studies Database includes over 800 studies, with over 1600 scheduled for inclusion. The contents reflect major themes such as technological innovation, experience of implementation, assessment, comparative studies and training.

The studies can provide valuable information on topics ranging from teaching objectives, the hidden curriculum and conscientious objection to alternative physiology classes, microsurgical training and haptic technology. Studies addressing training in humane research and testing, such as toxicology in vitro, are also being added.

Uploading the full papers is an on-going process, and new or missing papers will be added soon. The papers from the current year of ATLA are only available through paid subscription to the journal, but will be included in the Studies Database in January the following year.

InterNICHE thanks the editors of the journals and acknowledges their commitment to providing open access to the full papers through the Studies Database.

Links to the journals are available at each database entry, and here:

Alternatives to Laboratory Animals (ATLA)

Alternatives to Animal Experimentation (ALTEX)

Alternatives to Animal Testing and Experimentation (AATEX; also here)

The news release for the launch of the Studies Database (11 January 2012) can be read here.