Ellaway R, Pettigrew G, Rhind S, Dewhurst D. The Edinburgh Electronic Veterinary Curriculum: an online program-wide learning and support environment for veterinary education. Journal of Veterinary Medical Education 2005;32(1):38-46

PMID: 15834819


The Edinburgh Electronic Veterinary Curriculum (EEVeC) is a purpose-built virtual learning support environment for the veterinary medicine program at the University of Edinburgh. It is Web based and adapted from a system developed for the human medical curriculum. It is built around a set of databases and learning objects and incorporates features such as course materials, personalized timetables, staff and student contact pages, a notice board, and discussion forums. The EEVeC also contains global or generic resources such as information on quality enhancement and research options. Many of these features contribute to the aim of building a learning community, but a challenge has been to introduce specific features that enhance student learning. One of these is a searchable lecture database in which learning activities such as quizzes and computer-aided learning exercises (CALs) can be embedded to supplement a synopsis of the lecture and address the key needs of integration and reinforcement of learning. Statistics of use indicate extensive student activity during evenings and weekends, with a pattern of increased usage over the years as more features become available and staff and students progressively engage with the system. An essential feature of EEVeC is its flexibility and the way in which it is evolving to meet the changing needs of the teaching program.