Prentice ED, Metcalf WK, Quinn TH, Sharp JG, Jensen RH, Holyoke EA. Stereoscopic anatomy: evaluation of a new teaching system in human gross anatomy. Journal of Medical Education 1977;52(9):758–763

PMID: 69712


Traditionally, human gross anatomy teaching has revolved around anatomical dissection. Unfortunately, during the last decade a number of medical schools have experienced a decrease in the number of hours allotted to gross anatomy instruction compounded by a shortage of anatomical donors. This, in turn, has served to increase the difficulties of providing students with truly effective anatomical instruction. To help overcome this problem, a stereoscopic slide-based auto-instructional program has been developed as a substitute for dissection. Evaluation data suggest that this program, while having minor limitations in terms of anatomical orientation, does provide a viable alternative to dissection.