Cohen P. The use of animals in behavioural science education in the USA: finding alternatives that address personal concerns and ethical dilemmas. ATLA. 1990,18:51-56


In this paper, we describe our efforts to develop a humanitarian approach to the teaching of behavioural science using animals. Reduction, replacement and refinement of animal use in education are most useful if they help reconnect students and teachers with their underlying feelings, attitudes and ethical values related to animal usage. In order to initiate this reconnection process, we established the Northeastern University Center for Science Education (NUCASE) to encourage the dissemination of information and the development of projects that address ethical issues in college science curricula. Two directions that NUCASE has piloted using a humanitarian approach are outlined: an alternative to the traditional animal laboratory course in learning that uses student-run fiel!f experiments with feral pigeons in a park; and a conference designed to promote open interChange about personal concerns and ethical dilemmas in the use of animals in education.

Author's keywords: ethics, behavioural science, science education, teaching alternatives

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