Phillips NI, John NW. Web-based surgical simulation for ventricular catheterization. Neurosurgery. 2000;46(4):933-6;discussion 936-7

PMID: 10764268


We have used new developments in computer technology and the Internet to create a small program that simulates catheterization of the lateral ventricle. The program can run on most personal computers connected to the Internet. The program allows trainee surgeons to practice the technique with varying degrees of visual feedback--and no risk to the patient. It allows them to learn both the technique and the associated anatomy. The trainees can be assessed while performing the procedure. This is a small, early-stage application of virtual reality in surgical education. There is a demand for surgical training techniques that expose the patient to no risk; the use of computers is appropriate to meet this demand. The technique presented here requires further development; in particular, it needs a standardized assessment element that will allow it to be tested by established surgeons and trainees. The real test of a good training technique is how well it discriminates between trainee and trainer.