Simulated Water Maze

Producer: British Pharmacological Society

This program explains the importance of memory defects, illustrates different types of maze and gives a detailed description of the nature and use of a water maze. The integral simulation allows generation of data on the performance in the water maze of rats given various treatments (vehicle, scopolamine, neostigmine, physostigmine, hydergine or any of 6 unknowns). Groups of 6 rats are tested on each of 4 days and individual data on latency (time required to find refuge), path length (distance swum) and swim speed are presented. Help is given with interpretation and statistical analysis. Students are shown how to calculate means (+S.E.M.), simple and paired t-tests and how to apply non-parametric statistics (the rank test; Wilcoxin or Mann-Whitney).


Year of production: Revised 2002 Medium: CD-ROM; world wide web System requirements: CD-ROM version Windows only; internet version both Windows and Macintosh Price: £75.00 (UK Higher Education only); £250.00 (others); £950.00 (whole Simulations Suite: Mouse Watch; Rat Blood Pressure; Simulated Anterior Tibialis - Sciatic Nerve Preparation; Simulated Vascular Rings; Simulated Water Maze). Prices include full multiuser site licence for unlimited copies, tutor’s guide, and telephone support. For internet version price please contact the source