Equine Palpation Radiology Limb

Producer: Veterinary Simulator Industries Ltd.

Right distal forelimb.

Features a fully articulated  sceleton.

The bone material is radiodense allowing for visualisation using radiography techniques.

Allows movement at the carpus and fetlocks joints.

Has a soft silicone skin for palpation.

Features include:

  • The full superficial and deep flexor tendon unit which can be felt towards its insertion.
  • Palpation of thesuspensory apparatus.
  • Palpable landmarks of the pastern joint.
  • Palpable joints including the intercarpal, radiocarpal, fetlock and coffin joints.

Availibility to attach the limb onto all new VSI equine palpation colic simulators that feature a removable distal limb, now standard on the full horse model.

Includes stand for clamping to a table.