Equine Foot Studies

Producer: Royal Veterinary College

This program uses slow motion video, X-ray images and dissections to show the range of motion of the equine foot and the effect of various biomechanical forces, including hoof testers. A hydraulic press recreates the downward movement of the fetlock during weight bearing and shows expansion and contraction of the heels. Radiopaque dyes and live action X-ray image intensification are used to show how blood circulates within the foot and the venous return mechanism. Computerised subtraction angiography clearly shows the pathways of the circulation during pastern extension, and period of sole pressure. The effect on the circulation of shoeing with a heart-bar shoe and a raised heel is also shown.


Year of production: 1992
Format: VHS PAL
Running time: 23 mins.
Price: £30.00 (excl. VAT and postage)