Canine Basic Life Support Simulator

Producer: Veterinary Simulator Industries Ltd.

• Fully articulated steel skeleton with ribcage, and separated toes

• Representation of trachea and esophagus which allows for practical intubation training

• Representation of nasal passage to allow for nasogastric intubation training

• Representation of cephalic vein to practice venipuncture and catheterization in both front limbs

• Chest compression function with feedback monitor which provides feedback on speed and depth of


• Representation of ear and simulated debris to practice ear cleaning techniques

• Ideal for practicing restraint and bandaging techniques. 

Cost: available upon request.

Replaceable parts available (tongue; venipuncture tubing; laryngopharynx component; ear capsule; compression monitor; belly capsule; leg covering; venipuncture fluid bag).

Canine Basic Life Support Simulator