Compact Model Dystocia Simulator

Producer: Veterinary Simulator Industries Ltd.
  • Tabletop simulator that is modelled as a Hereford.
  • Steel reinforced epoxy/fiberglass construction, with water resistant components throughout for ease of cleaning.
  • 0,65 m tall and 1,3 long, tail to bulkhead and 0.8m at widest point.
  • Matching calf included.
  • Inflatable calf air bed support system.
  • Clear vinyl uterine bag.
  • Soft, durable perineum panel.
  • Soft removable tail.
  • Replica polyurethane pelvis.
  • Padded fetal extractor, obstetric chain and head snare.
  • Landing mat provided to prevent damage to calf.

Replaceable Parts:

  • Birthing Perineum Panel
  • Uterine Bag
  • Tail
  • Calf

The Compact Dystocia Model is compatible with Bovine Theriogenology Uterus Set.

Price: upon request.


Compact Model Dystocia Simulator