Bovine Theriogenology Model

Producer: Veterinary Simulator Industries Ltd.

Rear portion of  Theriogenology Model constructed in epoxy/fiberglass.

Constructed with pelvis, soft perineum palpation panel, inflatable rectum, flexible tail.
Includes 5 uterus models (also available separately):

Choice of open cow or heifer, suitable for Al training:

  • Heifer
  • 45 days of pregnancy (with slightly enlarged horn and amniotic vesicle)
  • 60 days of pregnancy (with uterine slip and fetus)
  • 90 days of pregnancy (with uterine slip, fetus, and placentomes)
  • Various interchangeable ovaries including representations of follicles and corpus
  • luteum

All models have representations of cervix, broad ligament, and have interchangeable ovaries. Fit into all existing VSI bovine simulator models with the addition of a palpation penneum panel assembly.

Price: available upon request.
Crating/shipping/handling not included.

Bovine Theriogenology Model