Canine Muscular Anatomy Laminated Chart / Poster

Producer: AnatomyStuff

This canine musculature anatomy wall chart illustrates the features of the muscles of a dog in beautiful detail. This dog muscle poster has been designed exclusively for AnatomyStuff and is medically accurate, making it ideal for display in a veterinary practice for pet owner information or for study of canine muscles by veterinary students.

This canine anatomy chart offers the following features:

  • Lateral view of the dog showing all major muscles
  • Surface canine anatomy
  • Superficial muscles of the head
  • Deep muscles of the head
  • Close-up anterior view of a right stifle (knee joint)
  • Dorsal view of the muscles of the neck, back and tail
  • Anterior view of the chest muscles

The dog muscles wall poster is laminated for prolonged life, and can be annotated using washable markers (not incluided). Part of a series of veterinary charts by AnatomyStuff which includes the bestselling canine skeletal anatomy poster, and various equine anatomy titles.

Designed and printed in the UK. Size: 50 x 65 cm.

**NEW! This anatomy chart title is now available in a beautiful fine art print format in A1 or A2 size, with framing options.*

Price: £18.00 inc VAT

Canine Muscular Anatomy Laminated Chart / Poster