Canine Health & Safety 4 Poster Collection (Laminated)

Producer: AnatomyStuff

A great value pack of FOUR of our canine health & safety charts, detailing key areas that dog owners should learn about to keep their pet safe.

These dog education posters cover first aid, dog CPR, correct feeding and nutritional requirements, and a summary of human foods that dogs can and cannot safety eat. A perfect bundle for both new and experienced dog owners to have on hand to keep their dog healthy and safe. The bright and fun illustrations will grab attention the of viewers, also making this poster series an ideal educational display for veterinary clinics and dog-related businesses.

The canine poster bundle includes the following poster titles:

  • Canine Health & Safety: First Aid for Your Dog Poster - CHSFAD
  • Canine Health & Safety: A Guide to CPR Poster - CHSCPR
  • Canine Health & Safety: A Guide to Canine Nutrition Poster - CHSGCN
  • Canine Health & Safety: Toxic and Safe Foods Poster - CHSTSF

Printed in the UK, each poster in our dog health and safety poster collection is A2 size (42.0 x 59.4cm / 16.5 x 23.4 inches) and printed with UV resistant inks on quality 220 gsm paper. Gloss lamination provides a wipeable surface and longer life. The posters are also available separately. Exclusive to AnatomyStuff! 

Price: NOW £48.96 inc VAT

Canine Health & Safety 4 Poster Collection (Laminated)