BSS Surgical Skills Board

Producer: Limbs & Things, Ltd.

Provides a secure, stable platform for attaching synthetic soft tissue training products. Can be used with the BSS Day 1 Refill Pack products and all Limbs & Things skin pads.

  • Pertinent to the synthetic soft tissue product used


  • Non-slip heavyweight base
  • Smooth top surface allows for secure fixing of soft tissue products using supplied Soft Tissue Retaining Set
  • Large board size: 24cm x 31cm
  • Wipe clean surface

Package Contents:

  • 1 BSS Soft Tissue Retaining Set Part No: 50054
  • 2 retaining clips with sucker feet

Replacement Parts:

  • BSS Soft Tissue Retaining Set (Part 50054)
  • BSS Day 1 Refill Pack (Part 50057)
  • Lipoma Pad (Part 00081)
  • Sebaceous Cyst Pad (Part 00071)
  • Curettage, Snip & Shave Excision Pad - Large (Pack of 2), Part 00103 and 00104
  • Minor Skin Procedures Pads (Part 90065)

Price: $68.00 (Part 50051)

BSS Surgical Skills Board BSS Surgical Skills Board