BSS Day 2 Kit

Producer: Limbs & Things, Ltd.

The BSS Training Package splits into three parts to reflect the three day BSS course structure:

- Day 1 Kit Part No: 50052
- Day 2 Kit

As well as the advantages of using synthetic soft tissue there are other benefits:

  • Each Day Kit contains all the task trainers and consumables required for 1 trainee. Simply open the box, remove the task trainer and place it in front of the trainee. There is no preparation required.
  • Once the Day Kits have been used Refill Packs can be ordered. Each Refill Pack contains all the consumable items that a trainee will need for that day. Each item can be quickly and easily attached to the task trainer with minimal preparation time.
  • 2 types of laparoscopic trainer are suggested to offer maximum flexibility for your training environment.
  • Abdominal closure & drain insertion:

- open abdominal wall

- insert drain and secure

- close abdominal wall with Aberdeen knot

  • Skin lesions & LA techniques

- excising a skin lesion

- excising a sebaceous cyst

  • Cytology techniques & biopsy

- fine needle aspiration cytology

- Trucut biopsy

  • Fine tissue handling

- vein patch exercise

- tendon repair

  • Wound management

- abscess drainage

- necrotic wound debridement

- traumatic wound debridement


Package Contents:

  • 1 BSS AOCT Pad, Frame & Balloons
  • 1 Drain
  • 1 BSS Trainer 1
  • 1 BSS Trainer 2
  • 1 8mm x 140mm Artery
  • 1 8mm x 76mm Graft Patch
  • 1 BSS Tendon Repair Trainer
  • 1 BSS Traumatic Wound with simulated foreign bodies

Replacement Parts:

  • BSS Day 2 Refill Pack (Part 50058)

Price: $360.00 (Part 50053)

BSS Day 2 Kit