MATT Trainer - Standard

Producer: Limbs & Things, Ltd.

A portable laparoscopic technique trainer for structured and staged 'hands-on' training.

The carrying case unfolds to provide an integral work surface and tray in the base and storage compartment in the lid. The base unit, onto which the Soft Tissue Retaining Set can be placed for the presentation of soft tissue components, can be used for open surgical practice, or with the frame and abdominal wall in place, for laparoscopic technique training.

A wide range of Limbs & Things synthetic soft tissue components can be introduced to teach techniques in line with the trainees clinical progression, and their chosen specialty. The Trainer is supplied with the Small Surgical Dissection Pad which allows seven core laparoscopic techniques to be practiced.


Limbs & Things do not supply any endoscopic/laparoscopic electronics, devices, instruments or their consumables


  • Hand eye co-ordination
  • Use of laparoscopic instruments (not supplied)
  • Techniques and skills depending on the synthetic soft tissue component presented


  • Includes 3 Small Surgical Dissection Pads 50118
  • Includes the easy-to-use and versatile Soft Tissue Retaining Set 50151
  • Unique Limbs & Things abdominal wall enables the trochar and instruments to be triangulated freely; instruments can be placed laterally as well as ventrally
  • Durable abdominal wall enables the repeated introduction of instruments and the sealing of their port holes after each use
  • Supplied with Laparoscopic Arm 50147 that accommodates scopes and other instruments (5-14mm diameter) which allows trainees to work alone
  • Portable
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Supplied with a non-slip mat
  • Suitable for wet and dry skills laboratory work

Package Contents:

  • 1 base unit with frame and securing clips
  • 1 Laparoscopic Arm 50147
  • 1 MATT Abdominal Wall 50146
  • 1 Soft Tissue Retaining Set 50151
  • 3 Small Surgical Dissection Pads 50118
  • 1 non-slip mat
  • Port hole sealant

Replacement Parts:

  • Laparoscopic Arm
  • MATT Abdominal Wall
  • Soft Tissue Retaining Set
  • Small Surgical Dissection Pad

Price: $2,480.00 (Part 50150)

MATT Trainer - Standard