Cholecystenterostomy Replaceable Tissue

Producer: Simulab Corporation

Replaceable Cholecystenterostomy Tissue includes Gallbladder, Cystic duct, Hepatic duct, Common Bile duct, Fundus, Greater and Lesser Omentum, Duodenum, and Jejunum. For use with the Cholecystenterostomy Model (LCE-10).

Skill Development:

  • Surgical formation of a direct communication between the gallbladder and intestine

Features and Benefits:

  • Replaceable product allows for multiple uses

Compatible Products:

  • Cholecystenterostomy Model (LCE-10)

Size:39” h; 14” w; .25” d
Weight:.3 lbs

Price: $245.00 USD (LCE-20)

Cholecystenterostomy Replaceable Tissue