Marueva E. Change and Inertia in Russian Life Science Education. Paper presented at: Alternatives in the Mainstream: Innovations in Life Science Education and Training. 2nd InterNICHE Conference; 2005 May 12-15; Oslo, Norway


The report ‘Change and Inertia in Russian Life Science Education’ will analyse the current situation concerning animal experimentation in Russia, and explore the campaigns to introduce alternatives to animal experimentation in the educational process. It will look at the history of the movement for humane education in Russia from 1995 onwards, and its development through the years to result in the launch of the first Alternatives Loan System in Russia.

The speaker will discuss the attitudes of Russian professors towards animal experimentation, and towards alternatives. She will analyse the strategies used by the Russian-NICHE team and Animal Rights Centre VITA to spread the ideas of humane education in the country, for example by working closely with the mass media and with veterinarians. The report will examine the results of humane education campaigns in Russia, for example the increasing number of universities and individuals who have tried out alternatives and the regular appearance of publications on the issue.

The speaker will suggest some ideas for effective campaigning, and share her own experience of consciensciously objecting to animal experiments during her studies in veterinary medicine. She will also report on a unique story for Russia of the microbiology student Roman Belousov who is now planning to sue his university for failing to give him an opportunity to study with the use of alternatives.