Motoike HK, O'Kane RL, Lenchner E, Haspel C. Clay modeling as a method to learn human muscles: A community college study. Anat Sci Educ. 2009 Jan-Feb; 2(1):29-23

PMID: 19189347


The efficacy of clay modeling compared with cat dissection for human muscle identification was examined over two semesters at LaGuardia Community College in Queens, NY. The 181 students in 10 sections in this study were randomly distributed into control (cat dissection) and experimental (clay modeling) groups, and the results of the muscle practical examination were analyzed. The clay-modeling group was significantly better at identifying human muscles on human models than the cat-dissection group, and was as good at identifying muscles on their self-made clay mannequins as the cat-dissection group was at identifying cat muscle on their specimens. This study demonstrated that clay modeling is more effective than cat dissection for learning human muscles at the community college level.