Simpson RM, Meuten DJ. Development of a teaching laboratory aid for instruction of fine needle aspiration biopsy cytology technique. Veterinary Clinical Pathology. 1992;21(2):40-4

PMID: 12671799


Specialized training is required to obtain adequate cytology smears by needle aspiration biopsy. An educational method that would provide opportunity for numerous trainees to acquire needle aspiration biopsy and cytodiagnostic skills, and which would not result in the interruption of teaching hospital patient care nor result in the use or sacrifice of animals from laboratory animal resources was sought. An aspiration biopsy cytology teaching aid was developed by placing portions of fresh organ tissue from routine submissions to the necropsy laboratory into a specimen container partially filled with chilled normal saline solution. Specimens were stored immersed in saline at 4 degrees C for up to 48 hours. Prior to the cytopathology teaching laboratory period, the specimen container was removed from storage and covered with a latex diaphragm. Instructors responsible for teaching cytodiagnostic techniques used this ex vivo aspiration biopsy cytology device for instruction of fine needle aspiration biopsy, specimen processing, and microscopy. In the teaching laboratory, puncture of the diaphragm and aspiration of a tissue sample with hypodermic needle and syringe was instructed to, and practiced by, numerous trainees simultaneously using clinical operative technique without the need for live animals. Trainees prepared and stained cytology smears as well as evaluated and interpreted specimens in a single, realistic exercise. Such training experience may improve ability of trainees to procure diagnostic-quality biopsy specimens for cytodiagnosis of lesions from clinic patients.