Woo H, Kim W, Ahn W, Lee D, Yi S. Haptic interface of the KAIST-Ewha colonoscopy simulator II. IEEE Trans Inf Technol Biomed. 2008 Nov; 12(6):746-753

PMID: 19000954


This paper presents an improved haptic interface for the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Ewha Colonoscopy Simulator II. The haptic interface enables the distal portion of the colonoscope to be freely bent while guaranteeing sufficient workspace and reflective forces for colonoscopy simulation. Its force-torque sensor measures the profiles of the user. Manipulation of the colonoscope tip is monitored by four deflection sensors and triggers computations to render accurate graphic images corresponding to the rotation of the angle knob. Tack sensors are attached to the valve-actuation buttons of the colonoscope to simulate air injection or suction as well as the corresponding deformation of the colon. A survey study for face validation was conducted, and the result shows that the developed haptic interface provides realistic haptic feedback for colonoscopy simulations.

Author's contacts: hyunsoo.woo@kaist.ac.kr