Lin YW, Schermeier O, Lueth B and Albrecht J. A more efficient method of texture use in surgical robot simulation. Study in Health Technology and Informatics. 2000;70:189-91

PMID: 10977537


Texture mapping is a crucial supplement to modeling in 3D graphic simulation technology. Relatively small objects in a simulation environment can be represented with textures rather than by modeling, which helps economize on precious data storage space. Textures also lend some surfaces amore realistic appearance, both for the user and the viewer. The production of a texture, however, is a very complex process of repeated trial-and-error approximations. This inspired the idea of using mathematical formulas to determine the optimal texture so that the desired simulation environment is achieved with maximum effect and efficiency. In this paper the mathematical formulas for producing optimal texture are described. The results are presented as applied in a surgical robot simulation environment in an operating room.