Smith K, Smith A, Johannessen B, Johannessen AL. The NORINA and TextBase website: New design and possibilities. ALTEX. 2006;23(Special Issue):90-91


The Norwegian Reference Centre for Laboratory Animal Science and Alternatives has maintained a website since 1996, featuring the NORINA database ( NORINA contains information on nearly 4,000 audiovisual aids and other materials that can be used as alternatives or supplements to animal use in teaching and training. The website also includes TextBase, a database with information on 1,100 textbooks of relevance to the 3Rs. The website has been totally rebuilt in 2005. The databases are now linked to the other textual information on the website, with many new features. The site includes information on guidelines for animal research, the care and use of fish, current legislation, course material (including three compendia), links to databases within the 3Rs and a Virtual Tour of the Centre. The website has now an additional shorter Internet address:

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