Miarkulava I, Mishatkina T and Hlyinkina T. Theory & practice of 3R conception in the educational process in Belarus [abstract]. ALTEX. 2009;26(Special Issue):216. Abstract 152.


The humanization of teaching in the life sciences is one of the educational tasks in ISEU, a university which was established in Belarus after the Chernobyl Disaster. The ISEU "Bioethics" course is the first university level course on this issue, and includes modules such as "Humane Treatment of Animals" and "Alternatives to Experiments on Animals". In the teaching of pathophysiology, according to the 3Rs philosophy, experiments on animals are replaced by video and computer programs. The optional course "Alternatives to the Use of Experiments on Animals" is based completely on work with educational computer programs. Co-operation between ISEU and both InterNICHE and the Russian Animal Rights Center VITA has supported such activity. The student organization EcoUni actively implements the ideas of humane education through the project "Person, Ecology, Bioethics". As part of the UNESCO project "Ecological Ethics in the System of Bioethical Education in Belarus" the following events have been organized: the international scientific and practical seminar "Humanization of Bio-Medical Specialists Education" (2006), the XV international conference "Human Ecology in the Post-Chernobyl Period" (2007), and the seminar "Ecological Ethics in High Education System of Belarus" (2008). Several books, manuals and films dedicated to humanization of education have also been published.

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