“Rita” Rhesus

Producer: Vetiqo

Taking blood samples is one of the basic skills in laboratory animal science. “Rita” enables a lifelike training of blood sampling, injections and the placement of vein catheters.

Variety of trainers and accessories available, including:

“Rita” Rhesus
The monkey leg “Rita” enables a lifelike training of the blood sampling, injections or placing vein catheters at the femoral vein of an adult rhesus monkey.

Developed with the German Primate Center, Göttingen.

Price: 3,917.00€

V. femoralis – “Rita”
This life-like vein modile provides opportunity to practice blood sampling and injections on the femoral vein in our rhesus monkey “Rita”.

Price: 42.80€

Blood bag

This blood bag with fake blood brings our blood collection pads to life!

Price: 39.90€

Skin – primate
This multi-layered suture pad provides opportunity to train surgical closure of the outer skin of primates.

Price: 41.50€

Discounts upon request (from 25 pcs. 10%, from 50 pcs. 15%).

"Rita" Rhesus V. femoralis – “Rita” Blood Bag Skin- Primate