Biopac Student Lab

Producer: Biopac Systems, Inc.

More than just a data recorder, the Biopac Student Lab is an integrated set of hardware, software, and documentation that guides students through a series of teaching sessions which illustrate fundamental physiological principles. It comes complete with 17 built-in lessons that require no additional programming, each supported by on-line detailed series of instructions that complement the Lab Manual and guide the student through from start to finish and is always on screen. Lessons cover the following topics: electromyography; electroencephalography; electrocardiography and plethysmography; periferic pressure pulse; respiratory physiology; galvanic skin response and the polygraph; electro-oculogram; reaction time; biofeedback - relaxation and arousal; aerobic exercise physiology - cardiovascular and respiratory adjustments; heat exchange. Students attach electrodes and transducers to themselves (or their lab partners) as instructed by the lesson text window, while on-screen measurement tools allow them to analyse data simply by clicking a mouse button. During the lessons the user can stop and measure data to determine wave parameters like: peak to peak, maximum, minimum, slope, standard deviation, frequency, BPM, Delta time, mean, area and integral. In addition to the Biopac Student Lab lessons, the system also includes the powerful PRO software, which allows students to create their own experiments. The Biopac Student Lab is suitable for human and animal studies, is non-invasive and safe, and is compatible with other programs.


Medium: Apparatus and CD-ROM 

System configurations: ULTIMATE - can perform all the lessons in the Laboratory Manual; ADVANCED - can perform 14 lessons; BASIC - can only perform a subset of the Laboratory Manual lessons. The lesson descriptions indicate which system is required. An Upgrade Kit is available, to bring the system up to the next configuration. Computer requirements: any PC (USB) running Windows 98/ME/2000/XP; Macs (USB) with OS 8.6 to 9.1 Note: The Biopac software is available in English, French, Spanish and Japanese. Italian is under production, and Chinese is also planned Price: Starts at US$2,995.00

Screenshot Biopac Student Lab