Canine Dental Surgical Model

Producer: Veterinary Simulator Industries Ltd.

Canine Dental Surgical Simulator. For use in veterinary education and training.

  • Anatomically correct model
  • Simulated teeth and bone are surrounded with soft rubber gums, complete with periosteum and periodontal ligament
  • Allows for practical simulation including nerve blocks, luxation, elevation and extraction of any tooth, as well as tongue, epiglottis, esophagus and trachea to allow for intubation training
  • Maxilla and mandible are easily replaced
  • Model comes with one radiodense, extraction jaw set allowing for visualization using radiography techniques prior to, and after, tooth extraction
  • Clamp and arm for securing model to table is included

Package: Price available upon request

  • Canine dental model in either brown or black
  • Three replaceable extraction/x-ray sets
  • Carrying case with custom foam inserts
  • Clamp and arm for securing to table
  • Bonus clear jaw set

Price: $ 3990.00

Canine Dental Surgical Model Canine Dental Surgical Model Canine Dental Surgical Model