DryLab3D Rat

Producer: NEOTEK

Nine chapters covering the external and internal anatomy of the rat - male, female, and pregnant female - as well as the differences between adult and foetal skeletal systems. Over 70 virtual 2D interactive and non-interactive dissection pictures and video, 3D rotating views of the appendix, stomach, lungs and heart, and 3D quizzes. The 3D portion can be operated in tutorial mode with narration or lecture mode with the teacher providing the narrative. Includes Quiz Mode for Lab Practical type exams.


Language: English; translations into Spanish, French and German under production
Medium: CD-ROM. See also DryLabWeb Dissections On-Line under World wide web
System requirements: See under DryLab3D Crayfish
Price: US$149.00. See also under DryLab3D Crayfish
Note: See under DryLab3D Crayfish