DryLabPlus Crayfish

Producer: Tangent Scientific Supply, Inc.

Using full-colour, high-resolution images, full-motion video, sound, text and an easy-to-use, flexible interface, this program gives students the opportunity to study both the appendages and the internal anatomy of the crayfish without having to put on gloves. They can choose various views of a specimen. Each picture is accompanied by teacher’s notes, anatomical features are highlighted, and full-motion videos offer detailed insight into difficult to show concepts or topics. Once the student has mastered the anatomical features, they can move on to the interactive dissection, where they must choose the correct instrument for each step and then perform all of the steps necessary in proper sequence. The crayfish serves as an excellent example to show just what is meant by the term homologous organs. Includes a comprehensive on-line 13-step dissection, over 50 high-resolution, reproducible images and almost 200 questions. The content (photos, movies, test questions, music, pronunciations, and text) can be edited by the teacher.


Medium: CD-ROM. See also DryLabWeb Dissections On-Line under World wide web
System requirements: Windows only (all versions); 486/33 MHz processor or better; 16 MB RAM; sound card 16-bit recommended
Price: US$125.00 (single); US$249.00 (pack of 5); US$449.00 (pack of 10)
Note: A full 3D version of this program (DryLab3D Crayfish) is produced and distributed by NEOTEK