EasyAnatomy 2020

Producer: LlamaZOO

Explore, study, and dissect virtual dog anatomy in augmented reality on iPhone and iPad with EasyAnatomy + Apple ARKit.

Virtually dissect by peeling away layers system by system, and learn how structures truly relate in their natural position.

For Students

Students at every stage of their veterinary medicine degree benefit from EasyAnatomy’s virtual dissection and adaptive quizzes. With a focus on clinical relevance, students learn what they need to know during dissection labs, clinical studies, and procedures.

For Practitioners

Practitioners and their clients benefit from EasyAnatomy’s interactive canine model and animations of common pathologies. As the most advanced interactive 3D canine anatomy client communication tool, EasyAnatomy breaks down the communication barrier and increases client compliance.

Free trial available.

EasyAnatomy 2020 EasyAnatomy 2020 EasyAnatomy 2020