Equine Neck Venipuncture/IM Injection

Producer: Veterinary Simulator Industries Ltd.
  • Jugular venipuncture with palpable veins.
  • Easily replaceable latex vein tubing that can endure multiple punctures; includes 5 sets of veins.
  • Mechanical system allows the veins to be pressurized.
  • Long lasting, easily removable, washable, replaceable hide covering with mane.
  • IM site that can endure multiple punctures and accept fluid injections.
  • Flexible head with well-rendered anatomy illustrates fascial injection sites and accepts a bride.
  • Rolling Stand, adjustable for height, rostral tilt, and 90-degree rotation.

Replaceable Parts:

  • Veins.
  • Intramuscular Pads.
  • Mane.
  • Hide covering.

An integrated model combining the Equine Neck Venipuncture and Equine Palpation/Colic simulator is also available.

Price: upon request.


Equine Neck Venipuncture/IM Injection