Female K-9 Urinary Catheter Training Mannekin

Producer: Rescue Critters, LLC

This mannekin replicates the female dog external and internal urogenital structures relevant to urinary catheterisation. Anatomically correct reproductions exist for the vulva, clitoral fossa, vaginal vault, urethral papilla, and urethral orifice enabling the learner to practice the complex skill of urinary catheterisation using visual or tactile cues. A fluid reservoir (representing the bladder) and a one-way valve (representing the urethral sphincter) allow positive feedback during the training exercises. This mannekin, in conjunction with appropriate preliminary skill acquisition, will be essential to the learning of this valuable skill without the detrimental use of animals. It allows the necessary repetition and the absence of negative consequences so critical to a successful learning experience. Future variations of this mannekin will address the skills of artificial insemination, vaginal pathology, and female cystic/urethral calculi management. Accessories included: carrying case, lubricating jelly, and catheter.


Medium: Mannekin
Price: US$425.00 (Item #910)