Producer: Vetiqo

Gynecological examinations in the bitch belong to the basic manual skills in small animal practice. "Gynnie" enables the training under lifelike conditions, from parturition to endoscopic insemination.

A variety of trainers are available, including:

Gyndog “Gynnie”
The Gyndog “Gynnie” enables a lifelike training of the clinical examination and insemination of the bitch as well as obstetric procedures.

Price; 6,459.00€

Birth simulation set
The birth simulation set enables the training of physiological parturition as well as various cases of distocia in the bitch and the simulation of neonatal emergency care of puppies.

Price: 547.00€

Amniotic sacs
These amniotic sacs enable a lifelike presentation of a puppy in the canine vagina under parturition. For the use in our birth simulation set with Gyndog "Gynnie". Includes 20 pieces per package.

Puppy not included

Price: 8.90€

Pelvis – “Gynnie”
This detailed pelvis reproduces the anatomical structures of a bone pelvis of the bitch.

Price; 32.90€

V. cephalica – “Gynnie”
This life-like blood collection pad provides opportunity to practice blood sampling on the V. cephalica in our Gyndog.

Price: 26.89€

Blood bag
This blood bag with fake blood brings our blood collection pads to life!

Price: 39.90€

Discounts upon request (from 25 pcs. 10%; from 50 pcs. 15%).

Gyndog “Gynnie” Gyndog “Gynnie” Birth Simulation Set Amniotic Sac Pelvis - "Gynnie" V. cephalica – “Gynnie” Blood Bag