Producer: Barry, Prof. Peter H.

MemCable for Windows (MemCableW) and its DOS version (MEMCABLE) is a teaching programs designed to simulate a microelectrode experiment which illustrated the passive time-dependent properties of a spherical neuron and the cable properties of a nerve and muscle fibre.


Medium: 3.5" disk; CD-ROM System requirements: MS-DOS, Windows 95 and later, Macintosh with a fully compatible Windows/DOS emulation package Price: US$395.00 (including Instructor’s Manual, Student’s Note and departmental site licence) for the first program, and US$200.00 each for either of the other two programs in the Electrophysiology Software series (ArtMemW / ARTMEM, MemPotW / MEMPOT). A special upgrade price from the MS-DOS to the full Windows version is also available. A free demo of each program can be downloaded from website