Microlabs for Pharmacologists - Animal Experiments without Experimental Animals

Producer: Wilgenburg, Dr. Henk van

** Developed by the late Dr. Henk van Wilgenburg. Distributed by InterNICHE **

8 Central Avenue
Leicester LE2 1TB
United Kingdom
tel: +44 (0) 116 210 9652
e-mail: coordinator@interniche.org

Microlabs is a series of computer-based modules with the primary aim of replacing animal use in education by simulating the effects of drugs on isolated tissues in vitro and the effects of drugs on whole animals in vivo. It allows the user to design experiments and reduce the use of animals by careful planning, to link animal behaviour to pharmacokinetics, to study the effect of drugs and ‘unknowns’ in vivo and in vitro, to get information about drugs, and to refine experiments under simulated conditions. Some of the programs available in the Microlabs package are: Anaesthesia of the rat; Mouse behaviour (an animation); Heart rate and blood pressure in vivo; Guinea pig ileum in vitro (simulating the effects of agonists and antagonists); Vas deferens of the rat in vitro; Frog rectus abdominis in vitro; Phrenic nerve - diaphragm preparation in vitro; Sciatic nerve - anterior tibialis muscle preparation in vitro; Human case studies and pharmacokinetics; Animal behaviour (digital video - on CD–ROM only - demonstrating drug induced behaviour in mice, rats and rabbits); and a Drug list linked to the program providing information about the drugs used.


Medium: 3.5" disk (MS-DOS version); CD-ROM (Windows version) System requirements: MS-DOS, Windows 95/98; minimum 20 MB free memory on the HDD for the Windows version Price: Cost price