Producer: Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences ETH

** This item is archived as it is no longer available. It is detailed here for reference purposes only **

This program is developed for teaching pharmacokinetics. It focuses on the simulation of drug plasma levels based on compartment models. It simulates one- and two-compartment models, IV bolus, IV infusion, and extravasal administration, linear and half-log plots, multiple doses and complex dosing schemes: loading and maintenance dose, missing dose, or change of parameters during treatment. The novel features of PharmaSim are the easy visualisation of curves and the high speed of the simulations. Students can change the value of a parameter with a scroll bar. The resulting change in display of the curves is almost immediate. This allows to visualise the effects of one parameter in a formula, a concept which was hard to illustrate so far. PharmaSim allows the user to easily create many different tutorials.


Medium: Downloadable from: System requirements: Windows, Macintosh Price: Freeware