Producer: Animal-Free Research, previously FFVFF (Fund for Animal-Free Research)

PharmaTutor is an old graphic based interactive computer program designed to assist the teaching of an introductory course in pharmacology and physiology without the use of animal experiments. It consists of 5 parts, each one designed to be a self-contained practical class exercise that can be completed in relatively short time (20 to 25 mins.): 1. Pharmacokinetic simulations (IV injection, IV infusion, single oral dose, two-compartment model, renal insufficiency); 2. Blood pressure and catecholamines; 3. Blood pressure and acetylcholine; 4. Smooth muscle in an organ bath; 5. Neuro-muscular transmission (including the effects of tubocurarine, suxamethonium and neostigmine in various combinations).


Year of production: 1987
Medium: Downloadable from:
System requirements: MS-DOS, Windows, Macintosh
Price: Freeware
Note: PharmaTutor was developed in 1986-1987, and has never been extended or revised. It is therefore out of date, particularly in regard to today’s technical possibilities, but is still a useful program