Producer: Schneider & Morse Group

Protozoa is a graphically illustrated program designed to help students understand the basic life suporting processes found in 4 typical micro-organisms. The product is designed for introductory level biology students and focuses on the structures and functions found in euglena (flagellate protozoans), amoeba (ameboid protozoans), paramecium (ciliated protozoans), and plasmodium (spore-forming protozoans). In addition, the program features a unit on Malaria Cycle, which explains how this deadly disease is transmitted by mosquitoes. Biology teachers will find that it is easy to focus the attention of students on learning the names of microstructures as well as the related life-supporting functions of these structures using this program. The Windows version also has a microscope simulation.


Medium: CD-ROM
System requirements: DOS, Windows, Macintosh
Price: US$59.95 (single user); US$129.95 (lab pack of 5); US$279.95 (lab pack of 15); US$429.95 (lab pack of 25); US$595.95 (building licence)