Saphenous Vein Harvesting Trainer

Producer: Limbs & Things, Ltd.

This model provides for the training and demonstration of the saphenous vein harvesting procedure. This trainer works with all major endoscopic harvesting systems.


  • Insertion, manipulation and removal of instruments
  • Tissue recognition and mobilization
  • Saphenous vein ligation, division and removal


  • Trainer is an abstract representation of the upper leg
  • Realistic skin is pre-ported
  • Connective tissue provides excellent visualization and responds realistically with instruments
  • Contains two gel filled saphenous veins, each with twelve perforator veins
  • For the second stage of balloon harvesting, the vein is suspended within a transparent tube which represents the working cavity after balloon tissue separation
  • Veins are quick and easy to replace
  • Portable, rigid two-part base
  • Supplied with clamps to stabilize the trainer during use
  • Supplied in a heavy duty flight case

Package Contents:

  • 1 base
  • 1 Harvesting Trainer Skin 80096
  • 1 Harvesting Trainer Connective Tissue 80095
  • 1 Harvesting Trainer Suspension Tube 80094
  • 2 Saphenous Veins 80092
  • 2 bench top clamps


Limbs & Things do not supply any endoscopic/laparoscopic electronics, devices, instruments or their consumables.

Replacement Parts:

  • Harvesting Trainer Connective Tissue
  • Harvesting Trainer Skin
  • Harvesting Trainer Suspension Tube

Price: $2,100.00 (Part 80093)

Saphenous Vein Harvesting Trainer